At DHG, perfection is our passion. We believe our team should not only meet, but exceed industry standards in every aspect of hotel management. From guest satisfaction to employee performance, our goal is to implement a system that will produce loyal and long-term relationships.

Most importantly, our progressive hotel management style requires a creative influence. We listen to, support, and encourage different approaches as we continually strive to improve. Hotels are the only real estate class where it’s an operating business inside of a hard real estate asset. Therefore, it is a much more complex business model.

Given the limits placed on management compensation and labor costs due to intense competition, it becomes imperative that the executive team overseeing the management of a hotel has not only a deep knowledge of the industry but also a deep understanding of how the different aspects of hotel operations are interconnected.

Support Areas include


Sales and marketing

Revenue Management




Desai Hotel Group operates a diverse portfolio of properties throughout the southern United States. We manage full service brand hotels within the Marriot and Hilton Brands.