Our Culture

Desai Hotel Group’s philosophy is structured around the core values of KARMA; these guiding principles drive who we are as a team, and help define our culture, and who we truly are as people while supporting our vision and passion for the hotel industry.


To have a single vertically integrated hotel company that dominates secondary and tertiary markets through the use of long-term strategic capital. Our vision is long-term. We want to own institutional quality hotels that are built to last.


To continue to strive for perfection and growth through the intellectual development of our team with an emphasis on accountability throughout our organization.

K - knowledge

Pursuit of growing and learning​

A - appreciation

Recognizing excellence

R - revolutionary

Embrace and drive change

M - morale


A - authenticity

Be the person your dog thinks you are

Our Team


Sunny Desai

Sunny serves as the President of Desai Hotel Group and is also the CEO of Desai Companies. Sunny provides strategic oversight to the portfolio companies and heads the investment team. He is a State of Mississippi Registered Real Estate Broker and Licensed Contractor. He is also a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Sweta Desai

Sweta leads a team of industry professional at Desai Hotel Group. Mrs. Desai is also CFO of Desai Companies. A graduate of The University of Mississippi, she earned a Masters in Taxation in 2008. Sweta has experience in the financial services industry, particularly in real estate and private equity funds.


Pablo Herrera

Pablo leads the Human Resources Department for Desai Hotel Group. He has 10+ years’ experience in the customer service and HR fields. He’s about to complete his degree in Business Administration.


Chief Operating Officer

Trent Floyd

Trent joined Desai Hotel Group in March 2018 after being in the manufacturing Industry for nearly a decade. He has held roles in Engineering, Continuous Improvement, and Management. Trent graduated Cum Laude from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.

Giving Back

Our philosophy on community service is to pick one non-profit and put all of our attention and effort into helping that cause as much as possible.