Our Company

Our Motto:
Perfection is our Passion
Perfection is rarely achieved, but the pursuit of perfection makes us who we are.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to continue to strive for perfection and growth through the intellectual development of our team with an emphasis on accountability throughout our organization.

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to become an industry leading hotel development and management organization built on the foundation of integrity.

Desai Hotel Group is a fast-growing Hotel Development and Investment Company based in Jackson, Mississippi. Driven by the continuously changing environment of the hospitality industry, DHG specializes in developing and managing high quality, select service hotel assets throughout the Southeastern United States.

Our unique organization is structured around the core values of Integrity, Enlightenment, and Innovation. Integrity is the foundation, which ethically requires us to handle any situation with honesty and responsibility. Enlightenment through education and training enables us to continually grow as a company, and provide the best possible service for our projects. Innovation gives us our competitive advantage by allowing us to stay ahead of industry trends in technology, service, and design. These tenants serve as stepping stones for DHG and all its members as we establish a standard of excellence while expanding our business in existing and new markets.